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April we acknowledge Sports Eye Safety Month

When the spring arrives, as well as a greater opportunity to participate in outdoor sports, comes an increase in the prevalence of eye injuries related to sports. Every year, far too many children and adults suffer eye injuries as a result of sport play that could be prevented with suitable protection and knowledge. Wearing proper eye protection while participating in sports is essential particularly in high-impact sports or those that bring you out into the sun such as field hockey, baseball, cricket, squash, full-contact martial arts, volleyball, or fishing.

Most sports related eye accidents can be prevented by using the correct protective eyewear right for the type of physical activity you might be involved in. Protective eyewear will keep you injury-free and will also have additional protection to block ultra-violet light for outdoor activities. Eye wear made specifically for sports is designed to prepare you for common accidents. Regular glasses typically aren't adequate for impact resistance, meaning that the smallest tumble can become a serious risk to eyesight.

Protecting your eyes during sports is more than just using the correct protective eyewear. Your vision is a primary factor of how well you perform, so you must have strong eyesight. For those who already need glasses, you might need protective sports glasses with a prescription to make it easier to be safe. If you're fitted with contacts, you may require a different lens than the ones you use everyday. Speak to your optometrist about the options at your disposal.

Different sports are subject to different dangers and demands, so allow your eye care professional to determine your specific needs and fit you with the right eyeglasses or contact lenses that best fit your visual skills. This will only help you give you the boost that'll help you succeed and have fun safely.

Each sport has a range of needs and risks, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to assess your specific needs and fit you with the right glasses or contact lenses that best fit your visual skills. This is key in helping you have the edge that'll help you excel and have fun safely.

In order to be healthy, it is important to be active, play sports and exercise. Nevertheless remember never to overlook your eye safety. Taking these additional precautions will only allow you to benefit from longer years of enjoying sports and good vision.


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