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Clean Lids for Healthy Eyes

Inflamed eyelids, also called blepharitis, is something that a lot of people suffer from at some point during their lives. Blepharitis is a commonly occurring eyelid inflammation, often associated with a bacterial eye infection, certain sorts of skin conditions, or dry eye symptoms.

Often, symptoms include redness, itching, burning, the sensation of a foreign body in the eye, tearing and some crustiness in or around the eye. It can be difficult to overcome, because it's chronic.

But it's reassuring to know that there are a number of ways to handle blepharitis and guarantee that your eyes stay clean and healthy. Start with putting a warm washcloth to the outside of your eye to facilitate loosening the crust that may have formed on your eyelids and eyelashes prior to cleaning them. The warmth from the compress will also get rid of any remaining residue in the glands that secrete oil to your eyelids. In the first stage of treatment, you may find you need to do this several times every day for approximately 5 minutes each time. Later on, you may only need to use the compress for about five minutes each day.

Washing your eyelids well is central to treating blepharitis, so you should use a commercial eyelid cleanser or whatever product your optometrist recommends. Be sure to lightly massage your outer eyelids and all residue should be rinsed off after the cleansing process.

Although uncomfortable, blepharitis is not contagious and for the most part, doesn't cause any permanent harm to your vision, so speak to your optometrist about how to keep your lids clean and healthy.


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