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Dealing with Presbyopia

Ever wonder why it gets more difficult to focus on small print as you get older? Because as you age, your eye's lens grows more rigid, making it challenging to focus on close objects. This is called presbyopia. And it's universal.

People with untreated presbyopia tend to hold printed text at arm's length in order to focus properly. Additionally, engaging in other tasks at close range, for example, needlepoint or writing, may also result in eyestrain and discomfort in those suffering from presbyopia. In order to treat presbyopia, there are a few solutions, regardless of whether you wear eyeglasses and contact lenses.

The thing with reading glasses is that they are mostly useful for those who wear contacts or for people who don't wear glasses for distance vision. You can find these at lots of stores, but you shouldn't get them until you have the advice of your optometrist. Too often ''over-the-counter'' reading glasses may be helpful for quick blocks of reading time but they can eventually lead to eyestrain when people wear them for a long time.

If you would rather just wear one pair of glasses at a time, think about bifocal or multi-focal corrective lenses, or PALs (progressive addition lenses), which are quite popular. Essentially, these are eyeglasses with multiple points of focus; the lower portion has the prescription for seeing nearby objects. If you already wear contacts, it's recommended to talk to your eye care professional about multifocal contact lenses. Additionally, you should consider a treatment technique called monovision. Monovision is when one eye wears a lens for distance vision and one eye wears a lens for close vision.

Because your vision changes with age, you can anticipate adjusting your prescription periodically. Presbyopia can affect older individuals even after refractive surgery, so it is important to understand all the options before making decisions about your vision care.

Have to chat with your eye care professional for an unbiased opinion. Presbyopia is an inevitability of middle age, but the choices you make about it is always up to you.


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