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Home » What's New » December 31st Is Coming! Don’t Lose Your Flex Spending Account Dollars

As the year's end advances, so does the end of your flex spending credits. If flex spending doesn't sound familiar to you, you may not have a flex spending account but you should check your benefits to clarify.

If you have an FSA through a company benefits check how much credit you have left. Many FSA's require you to spend all money you've contributed by December 31st or you will lose it!

Taking advantage of your flex spending credits you can get big savings on your eye care needs. Comprehensive eye and contact lens exams, eye wear, contact lenses, even laser surgery may all qualify for reimbursement. Just keep in mind that some procedures, such as laser vision correction have advanced screening which takes time so schedule an appointment sooner than later.

Call us if you have questions about using these benefits. Our North Reading, MA Eye Care Professionals are here to help you with all of your eye care needs!