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Introducing Transitions® Optical’s Vantage™ Lens

Transitions® Optical, manufacturers of variable tint lenses, have put out an exciting product as part of their popular range- the Transitions® Vantage lens. The company has added a great new feature to their popular light adapting lens with the addition of revolutionary variable polarization.

Light that shines off surfaces like glass and water can result in vision discomfort. The way reflections are filtered, to provide better visual clarity, is called polarization.

The brand new Transitions® Vantage and impressive lens is the first photochromic lens with variable polarization - polarization that increases as the lenses get darker in sunlight.

As your Transition Vantage lenses darken, your sight becomes sharper and brighter while at the same time, glare decreases, regardless of the lighting conditions.

The Transitions® Vantage lens is made for daily wear, and are great for a broad range of activities, from reading or writing and working at a computer, to gardening and driving. The lens is completely clear when you're inside and transitions into a highly effective tinted lens outdoors.

When looking for eye wear that can be worn daily, both indoors and outdoors, ask your optometrist about Transitions® Vantage lenses and the ways they can help your quality of sight.


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