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June is Cataract Awareness month. Did you know that cataracts are the main source of vision loss among those 55 and older? More so, more than 50% of those aged 65 and older have at the very least, partial cataract development.

A cataract is like a veil in front of the lens; one which blocks or distorts the way light enters into the eye. When it comes to most people, cataracts are a natural result of aging. Other possible causes for developing a cataract include ongoing exposure to the sun's UV rays, being overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, family medical history, steroid use, smoking and eye injuries.

In the initial stages of cataract development, more efficient lighting and glasses can be implemented to minimize the vision issues you might be having. At some point, though, surgery may be the solution to fix your eyesight. It's worth nothing that more than 90% of patients who've had cataract surgery recover excellent vision.

If you are at risk for developing cataracts and noticing low vision symptoms, it's time to discuss cataracts with your optometrist. Cataracts are treatable, and we know you want to have good vision throughout your later years.