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Home » What's New » Wintertime Is Here! Don’t Leave Home Without Your Shades

It's official! Winter is here, which means in some areas stinging winds and freezing rain, snow and sleet are also on the horizon. You would never even contemplate of leaving the house without a jacket in overcast climates; nevertheless surprisingly, a lot of people leave their sunglasses behind. While the sun may not be our first concern during times that we are bundling up against the frigid winter climate, the sun is still shining down in colder climates, and sometimes can be even stronger.

On occasions that you find yourself snowed in, you should be even more cautious. In particular in the aftermath of a snow storm, the world around takes on a sparkling glimmer thanks to the sun's rays reflecting off of the water molecules blanketing the ground and the trees. In fact, for many it can downright hurt your eyes when you first step outside following a glistening snowfall. The UV sunlight that we are all so careful in protecting ourselves against during the heat of the summer may really be more hazardous in the wintertime since it reflects off the snow or ice, giving you a double dose of exposure. This is why a good pair of sunglasses is a necessary winter accessory.

While it's important to pick a style you look good in, the most important consideration when selecting sunglasses is being certain they provide adequate protection against UV. Make certain your sunglasses block 100 percent of UV light by checking for an indication that they block all light up to 400 nanometers - UV400. Don't worry, proper protection for your eyes isn't necessarily expensive. Dozens of inexpensive brands are made with total ultraviolet defense.

Another important feature in picking the right sun wear is lens size. You will have the most protection when your glasses are large enough to completely guard your eyes and the surrounding areas. The larger the surface area covered by your sunglasses, the less harmful UV rays will be able to penetrate. Glasses with side shield will also keep harmful rays from entering through the periphery.

Just as most people are aware that sunglasses are essential to wear at the beach because the water intensifies sunlight, this also applies to snow and ice. Therefore it is equally important to wear sunglasses when out in the snow. Further UV radiation is more forceful at greater altitudes such as mountain ski slopes.

It's important to be in the know about adequate eye protection throughout the year. Don't leave home without your sunglasses.